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ACGME Application Now Available for Addiction Medicine Fellowship Accreditation

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has now launched the application process for addiction medicine fellowship accreditation.

The ACGME Program Requirements for Addiction Medicine and application form are posted on the ACGME website (the application also includes an on-line component, as described under “Key Steps” below).

Applications are to be submitted to the ACGME Review Committees for Family Medicine, Internal Medicine or Psychiatry.


There is no single deadline for applying. Review Committees (RCs) generally meet several times a year and will consider applications at most or all meetings. For approved applications, accreditation will be effective on either the date of the RC meeting or July 1 of the academic year in which the application is approved (i.e., the effective date may be retroactive to the start of the academic year). Applications should be submitted approximately 2 months before the RC meeting, but this may vary.

Deadlines for the first available Review Committee meeting dates are:

  • June 29 for the Psychiatry RC meeting on August 18.
  • July 20 for the Internal Medicine RC meeting on September 27-30.
  • July 30 for the Family Medicine RC meeting on October 18-19.

Key Steps:

Applications can be initiated only by having your institution’s Designated Institutional Official (DIO) log in to ACGME’s Accreditation Data System (ADS) and enter basic information, including specialty, at least 1 of the program’s participating training sites, and the Program Director. The Program Director will then be able to enter additional information required in the ADS, such as other training sites, faculty, duty hours, and related details. The ADS component of the application cannot be printed out, but once initiated by the DIO it can be accessed and updated any time prior to submission.

The written application form (known as the specialty-specific application) is also to be completed by the Program Director. A significant portion involves description of the educational program.

Additional Information:

The ACGME’s  Instructions for New Program Applications and Instructions/Process Guide provide further details (note that the latter was prepared for Osteopathic programs but is relevant to all).

We will continue posting updated information on The Addiction Medicine Foundation website (https://www.addictionmedicinefoundation.org) and stand ready to provide technical assistance (adanzo@addictionmedicinefoundation.org).

The websites of the 3 ACGME Review Committees processing applications are:

We look forward to working with you toward the continued growth of high-quality addiction medicine training under ACGME accreditation.

Program Requirements:

ACGME Program Requirements for Graduate Medical Education

Application Form:

ACGME Application:  Addiction Medicine


ACGME Guidance:

Instructions for New Program Applications

Instructions/Process Guide

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