Ensuring physicians are trained so patients and families have access to treatment for addictive disorders in all healthcare settings.

Strategic Goals

  • Expert physicians will be available to provide specialty treatment for those with severe and complicated disease.
  • Physicians are available to provide consultation to other physicians caring for patients and their families who suffer from addictive disorders and from their medical and psychiatric consequences.
  • Prevention, screening, and treatment will be integrated into graduate medical education and America‚Äôs health care system.

Immediate Objectives

  1. Create National Center for Physician Training in Addiction Medicine by Fall 2013.
  2. Achieve recognition of addition medicine as a recognized specialty, and part of the mainstream of American medicine by 2018.
  3. Serve as a catalyst to secure sustaining support for sixty-five (65) resident training programs by 2020, or 125 by 2025.