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Welcome to the Addiction Medicine Fellowships Online list. On the list you will find the growing number of Accredited Fellowships in Addiction Medicine.

We hope the public, medical students, residents, physicians, faculty, and government entities take the time to explore the list for each training program to discover current information about each program and how they are making a difference for patients and their families.

The new training programs have been established at a time of increasing promise for addiction treatment, and increased need for trained treatment providers. The demand for addiction medicine physicians will increase, as 30 million formerly uninsured Americans (including many in need of addiction treatment) will have health insurance under the health care reform law signed in 2010. And Accrediting these and future training programs helps to assure the American public that addiction medicine physicians have the knowledge and skills to prevent, recognize and treat addiction, and that trained physicians are available to address common medical or psychiatric conditions related to the use of addictive substances.

Trained addiction medicine physicians now join other addiction professionals in the interdisciplinary care of patients with addictive disorders. Physician specialists in addiction medicine bring unique skills and competencies to the treatment team, using all appropriate treatment modalities to contribute to prevention and the care of individuals and families.

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